DAY ONE - The long road to Salzburg

Live at Denkmal in Salzburg


DAY TWO - The long road to Berlin
And here we are, stopped by german POLIZEI...again...
 ...for the second time in two days...
About an hour lost, searching for drugs, weapons, bombs and Al-Quaeda's terrorists hidden under the bonnet of our van!
 "oh come on! Fuck off and leave us have our junk food meal, we are in a hurry!!"
german coffee taste soooo good, about half a liter of hot brown bitter water!!
Filippo totally love it!
Traffic jam in Berlin

Arrival at White Trash
Pater Nembrot's merch. 
So much fun for me!! 
A lot of chats with so many people who really care about who you are, the music that you play, etc.
A lot of them opened their wallets and bought cd's and vinyls even before watching the show!
 Italy is sooo far away in these kind of stuffs!

it turned out that Pater Nembrot's bass player Pasghino is the evil hero of a pinball machine!!

DAY THREE - Hanging around the city

Secondhand vinyls World War

just arrived in Halle!
cold weather play nasty tricks on Filippo:
"Wendy, I'm home!"

this place was heaven on earth for a photographer!! 


 Live at Hühnermanhattan - Halle

 Pater Nembrot



and here we are, all togheter shaking our asses with some good music after the show!

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